After KaiserGate

Suddenly Kaiser and friends needed more money, suddenly doctor’s were in shortage, suddenly we needed to finance physicians and trainees from all over the world at Kaiser and the Federal Government Financed almost all of it.  (See: MODELS OF PRIVATE-SECTOR GME FINANCING)  

Sounds really good, doesn’t it? When things sound too good to be true, they generally are not.  The government website – COGME (Council on Graduate Medical Education) site makes for fascinating reading considering that it covers more than physician educations and all the topics that appear to be the motivation for the greed and covetness within the system itself.  Somebody has been asleep at their watch.  

The corporate weaving of Federal Money/Grants to lock up the market and promote themselves as the greatest thing since the Wham-o Frisbee, suddenly began in earnest.  In fact the news articles sound very similar to all the Federal Contractors and money grabs, pleads of poverty, etc., that takes place during every war and every NASA project.  How much of their pleas and justifications for needing more and more money is true?  Who really knows except the corporate administrators and even they might be misled.

Here is an example of news articles after the Kaiser Nixon HMO Act to show how things “Rapidly” changed.
New York Times Article from January 12, 1970 – Page 19

Administration Seeks Short Run Gains in Nation's Medical System, jan 12 1970 pg 19
New York Times – Administration Seeks Short Run Gains in Nation’s Medical System, Published Jan 12 1970, pg 19