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Health plan policies that reduce the number of patients hospitalized, shorten the length of hospital stays, shift certain duties from doctors to less-trained medical staff, limit access to prescriptions and cut the medical budget, all erode the decision making power of doctors, Court said.


The Los Angeles Times Jan 24, 2003 by Charles Ornstein, Times Staff Writer Kaiser Settles Lawsuit With Consumer Group; State’s largest HMO will post its medical care guidelines, doctors’ pay structure on Web site. Kaiser Permanente, the state’s largest HMO, agreed Thursday to make a host of internal changes — including increased consumer disclosure of […]


Kaiser Will Publish Treatment Guidelines January 24, 2003 Kaiser Permanente says it will begin publishing on its Web site its internal guidelines for the treatment of hundreds of diseases and conditions. Patients will be able to use the information to assess the treatment they are receiving, whether from Kaiser or from other organizations or individual […]

About the Kaiser Diagnostic Documents

Kaiser Permanente was ordered by the court to present online their financial incentives for physicians to not treat patients and their diagnostic criteria. A Kaiser physician who asked to not be named provided the documents displayed on this site to Vickie Travis who has prepared this web presentation. See for some news articles about this […]