Leading up to Kaiser Gate and Shortage of Doctors Stories that appear every Presidential Election Period.

Leading Up To Kaiser Gate

A True Need was turned into a Political Crisis so a Corporate Perceived Need for Corporate Financial Gain Would Be Met – This is not intended to downplay the true need for the general population to receive medical assistance.

This is intended to show how today we have a very convoluted system and probably from the beginning was intended to be another government “free for all” by corporate interests.  

The origin of this media crisis was based on corporate information provided by corporations that could have done much better for the American Public.  Instead, they used every trick in the book to try to pull the wool over people’s eyes that truly needed and still need real medical care that they could afford.  They public did not ask for a free ride.  They also did not ask to give corporate interests a free ride either.(Article below is from New York Times May 10, 1956 )

News Article from New York Times, May 10, 1956. Adlai Stevenson Promoting Kaiser
Part 1 – Mounting Shortage of Doctors – New York Times – September 28, 1967
(Above article is from the New York Times – September 28, 1967)
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Part 2 Mounting Shortage of Doctors. New York Times. September 28, 1967.