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About the Kaiser Diagnostic Documents

Kaiser Permanente was ordered by the court to present online their financial incentives for physicians to not treat patients and their diagnostic criteria. A Kaiser physician who asked to not be named provided the documents displayed on this site to Vickie Travis who has prepared this web presentation. See for some news articles about this matter:






I waited and waited for Kaiser to provide this information online as the Judge had ordered and nothing happened.  Finally I wrote to Kaiser Permanente and I asked them when they would have this information posted.

Kaiser Permanente replied that the Judge had ordered a very difficult task for them to accomplish.  They wrote  that it would take a very long time for this information to be placed online.  I again wrote to Kaiser in the month  of May, 2003 and Kaiser replied that they were planning to get this information up in mid July.  After reading  the last article listed above though I feel that they probably still need our assistance in this matter.  I have had  a 12 year old read over the material and she understands it quite well.  To me that means just about any adult  will also be able to understand it.  She also knows how to use a dictionary for any words she is not familiar with.

As a Public Service to the people of this country I have decided to assist Kaiser Permanente in presenting this information to the public.

I don’t have the billions of unspent dollars behind me that Kaiser Permanente does but since someone has dropped  in my lap some of the information that Kaiser Permanente has been ordered by the Court to publish I thought that  I would give it a try.  Amazingly it is pretty easy to present this information to the public.  I do not understand why  Kaiser could be having such a difficult time with this task that was ordered by the Court.

Now the linked files definitely are not the highest quality but we are paying for this web site and we refuse most all financial contributions. We do so because we don’t want to accept industry money that could imply to the public we are indebted to them as some others have had happen in the past. The pages are legible, and they print out just fine.  I did have to limit the colors to black and white  with most documents and reduce the quality of the images.  They are not crystal clear and I apologize for that but  then again, I do not have billions and billions of unspent money as Kaiser Permanente does so for now we can all  make do with it as presented.  As time goes by I intend on presenting many, many more documents.  Perhaps it will result in my posting all the documents that Kaiser Permanente was ordered by the Court to present, I just don’t know right now.

One note for the public reviewing these Kaiser documents.  Please don’t necessarily take the information as that which would be accepted as standard or normal for the rest of the world.  Don’t use these for medical information.  Let the doctors see what the material consists of.  They can explain to you the public what is and what is not accepted by the world as the standard of normal diagnosis and treatment.  You the public  can read over it and see if what Kaiser does is anything near what they write should be done.  You might find some of the information very interesting.