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Kaiser Permanente Owned or Indebted Politicians

"What the members of these commissions do (at least some of them) is funnel money and gifts to elected officials from the people who want city business."

So this translates to encompass all forms of government, including other countries to:

What the members of these commissions do is funnel money and gifts to elected officials from the people who want (fill in the missing government branch) business.  Listed on this page is a further breakdown of the corporate practices of Kaiser Permanente.   Some of these articles regarding elected officials that you put in office and that Kaiser has snuggled up to and compromised either with their campaign donations, trips, gifts, assistance with family members, jobs, etc. will make you wonder why they are not stopped.  The list is growing and you the public need to beware.  If you ask these people why they allow such things, why they participate in such things, invariably they will reply that is just the way they do business.  Well, they are harming people by doing business this way.

Former Kaiser physicians that take government or related jobs may have a serious
conflict of interest.  


The man that used Kaiser Permanente patient money to pay large sums of money
to Administrators for the City of Los Angeles and the State of California for Kaiser power
and influence.

Kaiser Political Plant Leland Wong - Commissioner or Board Member at one time to just about
every Government Commission in California


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