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Notice Of Changes In Director's Shareholding
Name of director: David McKinnon Lawrence
Date of notice to company: 28 Aug 2002
Date of change of interest: 28 Aug 2002
Name of registered holder: David McKinnon Lawrence
Circumstance(s) giving rise to the interest: Open market purchase

Shares held in the name of registered holder
No. of shares of the change: 50,000
% of issued share capital: 0.013
Amount of consideration per share excluding brokerage,GST,stamp duties,clearing fee: 0.302
No. of shares held before change: 206,000

% of issued share capital: 0.053
No. of shares held after change: 256,000
% of issued share capital: 0.066

Submitted by Moiz Tyebally, Company Secretary on 29/08/2002 to the SG


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